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A Productivity Hack I Have Been Using for Years to Save Time

An electron by Adam Stanislav

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I want to give you a productivity hack I have been using for years. The idea is to combine messaging & email web applications into a static browser to make it seem like it is one app.

This is different than a dynamic browser whereby each tab is fluid and can be closed individually. The static browser is monolithic and makes all the apps appear to be one.

This is useful for 2 reasons. One, you don’t need to open each app and search through everything, saving time. Two, you can organize your notifications to never miss them ever again.

This type of software is highly touted in productivity courses for getting more done in less time. Here is what it looks like: 

Screenshot of Rambox

On the left I have my most used apps. All notifications for all apps are lined up and can be turned off and on.

Screenshot of Rambox

You can choose which apps are going to notify you, make sounds or not make sound, which are silent and which even have a number of missed messages in the left icons.

How Do Apps Like These Work?

It is a browser (Electron). Case and point, it reads HTML/CSS/JS then renders it to the screen with a graphics API just like Chrome, Firefox & others. The difference is, it is a static browser. Which has specific properties.

Instead of simply posting the notifications in a tab, it forwards them to a custom layer of code in Rambox. The client-side Javascript is read and forwarded in a way that is optimized for your specific needs.

With how useful this has been to me, I can safely make a prediction that static browsers will become more normalized soon. Having all your web apps appear to be one giant software piece is highly efficient.

Though, Rambox & other static browsers like Franz have to individually cater their source code to each app, which is cumbersome. Take a look: 

Screenshot of Rambox

You know what else, Rambox is free and fully featured. In the past it was a little more freemium but with recent updates there is no need to pay. 

Why Is This Better Than Bookmarks?

Bookmarks you have to open and organize when opening in your fluid tabs. Also, the notifications are refined in a way that you will receive all of them. Ever since I started using Rambox several years ago, I always felt strange and inefficient on other computers.

Short and sweet…

Anywho, I hope you learned something…

Happy coding!


Framework Rambox is written in:


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Learn to learn code faster, using techniques honed by years of study, neatly packaged into one book: How to Learn Code