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About this site

Welcome, this is the site you want to go to for learning how to speed up your coding journey! I spend countless hours trying to learn how to learn faster, better and with ease. These hours are distilled down in blogs and YouTube videos just for you and your consumption.

My name is Jesse Nerio AKA Jesse Guerrero. I might change my legal name, I might not, don’t ask. However, despite always trying to learn faster, better and with ease, I am actually not that smart of a guy. Really, I am actually pretty slow. But I have learned to wield this slowness as a developer and even speed myself up learning memory/cognitive techniques and simply putting in tons of time.

In reality, you don’t really need to be all that smart to be a programmer. The great thing about it, all my understanding about learning how to learn works for people much naturally smarter than I am as well. It can boost you to near genius level at that point.

Here are some of the topics you can expect from my site..

  1. General Programming
  2. College prep
  3. Coding challenges & projects
  4. Health & Fitness

The goal here is to help you become a better you!